I came back home yesterday in the late afternoon from a weekend in Innsbruck in Austria. My weekend has been fabolous, fool of snow, delicious food, breathtaking views and happiness.
I've regained my forces, I've finally touched snow and I've discovered an unexpected marvellous city.
Now I'm back to my everyday life, working and studying hard, with millions of things to do and a lot of commitments, but I have a huge dose of energy that I hadn't before leaving. This happens to me everytime I travel.
I wish you an amazing week.

Rientrata ieri nel tardo pomeriggio da un weekend a Innsbruck, in Austria, pieno di neve, cibo squisito, panorami da favola e felicità.
Mi sono completamente rigenerata, ho finalmente toccato la neve e scoperto una città che non credevo così bella.
Ora sono di nuovo immersa nel lavoro e nello studio, con milioni di cose da fare e impegni, ma con un'energia che prima non avevo, cosa che i viaggi mi lasciano sempre.
Vi auguro una splendida settimana.


Julia Sandford said...

Nice pictures!


Arstcrylique said...

Thank you Julia!

Sara Ottavia C.

Paula said...

I like your blog! I'm following now! :)


Charlotte Martelli said...

your blog it's wonderful!! i'm following !!!! charlieintovogue.blogspot.com

HoneyBunny said...

These are such freat photos! So lovely<3

The Fashion Moodboard said...

Great picture! Innsbruck sounds great!


Arstcrylique said...

Thank you all! :)
Sara Ottavia C.

Liz said...

Sembra davvero magnifica!

Arstcrylique said...

Lo è! Ti consiglio di andarci, soprattutto ora che è piena di neve. Un posto da fiaba.
Sara Ottavia C.

2Gitanas said...

wow your pictures literally made me felt the cold air while I felt as well the warmth inside that dim lighted bar....ah! so great! thanks for stopping by my blog, hope we follow each other so we can be in touch more often! big hug!

Arstcrylique said...

Thank you a lot darling! Keep in touch for sure!
Sara Ottavia C.

il était une fois... said...

gorgeous shot!
ps. you should totally check out my giveaway babe. think Erin Wasson - it's way major!! X