One of the things I love more about leaving, is to pack. 
I know, I know, probably you wont agree with me, but for me the moment to select the items to take with me, to put my beauty product in the beauty case, to choose the book I'll read during the trip and the songs in my iPod, is priceless.
In a couple of hours, I'll be on a train bound for Austria, for three days of snow (but not skiing) and relax.
I wish you a perfect weekend.

Una dele cose che più amo delle partenze è fare le valigie. 
Lo so, lo so, probabilmente non vi troverò d'accordo, ma per me il momento della scelta dei vestiti, del riempire il beauty-case, dello scegliere il libro da leggere e le canzoni da inserire nell'iPod, è impagabile.
Tra un paio d'ore salirò su un treno che mi porterà in Austria, per tre giorni di neve (ma non di sci) e relax. Non vedo l'ora.
A tutti voi, un weekend perfetto.


Catarina said...

have fun on your trip, I love your shoes :)

Arstcrylique said...

Thanks Catarina!

Sara Ottavia C.

Sabrina said...

Enjoy your trip dear ♥


ediot said...

i think packing is fun too. but unpacking might take me a week or two ;)

Makeupnonsolo.blogspot said...

Your shoes are so big in this bag! ;)

Arstcrylique said...

Ahaha they look big, in reality they are so little, I have mini feet :)

Laurein H said...

Thanks for your supersweet comment :)
And I love the lita's, still on my wishlist. But it will be a cheaper version I guess xx

Arstcrylique said...

Thanks to you Laurein! The Lita's are one of the best purchases I've ever done :)

Sara Ottavia C.

Fay Oberdorf said...

Love the heel!
Hope you have/had fun on your trip!

Sweet kisses and that you may have a wonderful 2012


Arstcrylique said...

Thanks! Yes I had a great time :)
Sara Ottavia C.