Style tips|Top summer needs

T-shirt_Petit Bateau (I'm buying tons of them this summer)
Shorts_Balenciaga (I need to create a pair like them)
Wedges_Stella McCartney (I've bought the saim pair in a different colour for my birthday; they're simply perfect)
Sunnies_Illisteva (A vintage touch)
Refreshing water_Mac (A summer must have)
Book_Agatha Christie (Detective stories are perfect for big heats)
Notebooks_Moleskine (For a writer like me, they're a must)

Thanks for reading,
with love.
Sara Ottavia C.


Kiki's Book of Dreams said...

I love those shorts!
xoxo Kiki

Arstcrylique said...

Yes, they're really cool, I need a pair like them!

Sara Ottavia C.