We know, we know, SS 2011  will be an explosion of colors. 
Blue, yellow, orange, pink, green. 
Colors are gonna rule for sure.
But what Miu Miu did is more than paint everything with flash colors.
Miu Miu' SS 2011 collection is a pop explosion.

Those items look like pop art creations.
The bright colors and the comics like patterns are the protagonists of this collection.

Main colors: red, white, black, green, yellow
Main fabrics: silk and leather
Inspiration: pop culture, pop art, comics
Wear them with: leather clutches, red, black or ivory pumps
Make up: black eyeliner, soft colored lipgloss or lipstick

You can find the complete collection here.


Giorgia Student-Flair Blog said...

How can one not love MiuMiu???? every collection is amazing!

Arstcrylique said...

I totally agree Giorgia :)

Spence. said...

Oh I adore miu miu, the vivid burts of colour and wild patterns are so tasteful, like physical works of art, and also it's so refreshing & inspiring after a season of minimalism

Margaret said...

miu miu is always perfect. though the target age group seems to be shifting up
great blog!
loving the posts
stop by some time xx