New trends/Lemonade

Sun is shining everyday more and more and I would like to paint everything with bright colors.
I bought yellow tulips and yellow shoes, I moved my office to the terrace and I wore sunglasses.
I know, I know, maybe it's just an illusion, maybe spring isn't arrived for real, but, anyway, I think spring.
Today, I would like to wear a yellow dress, high heels and walk around the city thoughtless.
Since I am a blondie, it's not so easy for me to wear yellow, the risk is to look like a earn of corn :)
However, with the right matches, yellow can be perfect also for blondies, but it's necessary to be careful.
Here some rules:
-Your hair has to be very clean, bright and well managed
-The fabric of your yellow items has to be very good quality 
(silk, satin, and organdie are the best fabrics for bright colors)
-Don't match yellow items also with black ones, the risk is to look like a bee
-Prefer accessories with a basic design

From SS 2011 catwalks, the most sparkling yellow items and accessories.

1.Karen Walken
2.Lela Rose
3.Manish Arora
4.Michael Kors
5.Paul and Joe

Get the look!
Here some yellow items from the web

Main colors: yellow, yellow, yellow
Design: above all little and maxi dresses, mid-lenght skirts, maxi bags, pumps
Key word: lemonade
Wear with: items with a basic design
Occasion: outdoor parties, cocktail parties, brunches

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Megan. said...

great yellow post! :D
Thank you for the comment! x


Joy said...

Love the lemon colour!

Alexandra Amico said...

nice post! love this color!

Ginger Snap'♥ said...

Yellows my faveourite colour especially the lemony tone. Great post!

Breshna S. said...

yellow is pretty! great inspiration!

Eline said...

Nice post. Great pictures! I love the color.

kristine [kristine. or polly.] said...

Ahh, this post was SO appealing to me! I've been loving yellow lately. I actually just got some yellow fabric for a skirt I'm going to make, and now I'm super excited to get it started! Also - I MUST get that H&M dress! So cute!

Arstcrylique said...

Thank you all for your nice comments :)

Sara Ottavia C.