Longing for spring

Sun is shining and sky is clean and blue.
I can't stop dreaming of spring, flowers, pic-nics, promenades in the nature.
Well, winter is still here and I'm home during a study break wearing a big cozy sweater and drinking american coffees to stay awake.
So, all I can do is dream.
The first time I saw those shoes I thought they where unelegant and not so nice, but when I saw them on lilac version I completely changed my mind.

Blouse-Phillip Lim
Earrings-Hannah Zakari
Sunglasses_Karen Walker 

Have a nice day.


Dorien said...

I think almost everybody is dreaming of spring, great findings by the way !
Good luck with studying :) !

Arstcrylique said...

I think so too :)
Thank you Dorien, you're so kind!