Diary/Events|Milano Fashion Week day three_C'N'C Costume National

Let’s take 60’s, with their aesthetic made by geometries, graphics, structures and transpose it to contemporary: the result will be C’N’C Costume National FW 2011/2012 collection.
Ennio Capasa takes on runway unstructured dresses and shapes made optical by combination of colors blocks.
Transparencies cleverly create height differences and the contrasts of fabrics enliven the items.
The main inspiration belongs to sportswear: zips, buttons and hoods are basic in every look.
There’s no much free space. Dark tights cover legs also when mini dresses would like to leave them bare.
Burgundy and cyclamen soften the collection, and give incredible light points.
For the evening, Capasa allow a sweet ivory and sparkling insets.
It’s a practical, consistent and direct collection.
Essentialy metropolitan.
Prendi gli anni sessanta, con la loro estetica fatta di geometrie, grafismi, strutture e trasponila nel contemporaneo: otterrai la collezione AI 2011/2012 di C’N’C Costume National.
Ennio Capasa porta in passerella abiti destrutturati e forme rese optical dagli accostamenti di colore a blocchi.
Le trasparenze sono genialmente poste a creare dislivelli di linee, ed i contrasti di tessuto movimentano gli abiti.
L’ispirazione di base parte da un abbigliamento sportivo, dove zip, bottoni a vista e cappucci sono i capi base di ogni look.
Poco spazio è lasciato libero. Collant scuri coprono le gambe anche quando i mini dresses le lascerebbero scoperte.
Il bordeaux ed il viola ciclamino ammorbidiscono la collezione, regalando incredibili punti di luce.
Per la sera Capasa concede un dolce avorio e inserti brillanti più trasparenze.
Si tratta di una collezione pratica, lineare, diretta, essenzialmente metropolitana.

Main colors: orange, black, burgundy, cyclamen, ivory
Main fabrics: leather, wool, gauzed wool, viscose
Design: unstructured dresses and coats, oversize, sportswear inspired items
Key word: urban
Wear with: maxi shopping bags, leather items, boots and ankle boots
Occasion: unformal, metropolitan

Thanks for reading, 
with love.
Sara Ottavia C.


scarves said...

Wish all of the network of friends have a new start .

hope you have a great 2011. Thanks for the link, sweetie!
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Anonymous said...

The show featured a live soundtrack by You Say France & I Whistle. For more info check out: http://listn.to/yousayfrance

Arstcrylique said...

The live soundtrack was really good.
Sorry I didn't mention it.

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