How to wear patterns

I've always been an unusual patterns lover, since I have memory.
I remember that when I was a little girl I used to mix and match the most weird patterns because I absolutley wanted to choose all my looks by myself.
Now, I'm still a patterns lover, but I know a litte more how to match them :)
Flowers, hearts, galaxies, japanese prints, geometrical, and many more.
But, how to wear those patterns?
It's not so easy, and the biggest risk is to look like a patchwork.
Just remember some rules:

-A pattern is always the main carachter of a look
-To mix different patterns is really hard 
-Do not never, never, never wear animalier with stripes or polka dots
-Choose only high level patterns
-Remember that a fabric with a particular pattern has to be a really good quality one
-To not make mistakes, wear patterns with basic items 

These are some of my suggestions.

I think heart pattern is one of the most pretty and nice ever.
It's a really difficult pattern to wear, the risk is to seem a little girl just came out from school.

Japanese prints are something unusual and particular.
That pattern is incredibly charming and it makes a look from itself.
A woman wearing a japanese print has to be really self-confident and elegant. 
Pay a lot of attention to the make-up to save you from looking like a geisha (well, geishas are stunning beautiful, but please, don't try to imitate them for a night out).

I'm a very big fan of floral items, they remind me when I was a child and my grandma used to buy me the most nice Cacharel floral blouses ever.

Galaxy pattern is simply fabolous. A drop of stars on your body, what else?
Don't wear galaxy patterned items with a casual look, the risk is to look like a 13 years old Star Wars fan.

What's better then a geometric pattern?
It's original, funny, young.
I like above all Mondrian inspired geometries wich fits perfectly with a romantic and fresh look.


Cecilia said...

grazie mille,
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Lini said...

wow this is amazing!!!there are some of my favorite, very good post

ZANAH said...

Great fashion tips :)

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Sherrie Cola said...

Love the galaxy style.

thefashionguitar said...

Only four comments on such an amazing post. You styled the different prints really well. Too bad the quality of the pics isn't 100%. Nevertheless, I am glad I came across your blog via your lovely comment!! Thanks so much

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