Architectural print

Think about the most beautiful, fabolous, incredible houses ever.
Now, take those houses and print them on little geometrical dresses.
Les jeux sont faits.
Let me present you one of the most innovative collections of SS 2011 from the young genius of Mary Katrantzou.
Her inspiration belong to the pages of the most important architectural and interior design magazines like Architectural Digest and World of Interiors.
She plays and plays with fabrics, but the lines remain very simple and classic.
Have you ever though you could become a design magazine?
Now, you can.
Let people watch you and your dress and say "oh my God, I want a sofa like that!" "that marble sparkle!" "why I don't have an italian garden like that?".
Maybe Coco could say something about these dresses like "people don't have to look at the dress, but at the woman" but (please, Miss Coco, forgive me) who cares.
These creations are so lovable and I can't resist them.
The best way to wear them is with spontaneity.
No other ways.


Iolanda said...

Amazing Picures

Arstcrylique said...

Thank you so much Iolanda!!!

Thekla said...

love this post<3 pls visit my blog hope you like it:) posted new outfit just now xx

Cecilia said...

questo post è geniale,
credo di averti già detto in passato che il blog in sè è adorabile....
mi spiace non averti vista/conosciuta a firenze
ero anch'io da Luisa...


diana kang said...

love the comparison!

Arstcrylique said...

@Thekla thank you darling.

@ Cecilia quello che dici mi fa molto piacere!Infatti, ma da Luisa c'era talmente tanta gente che era un po' impossibile vedersi tutti :)
Spero ci saranno altre occasioni.

@ Diana thanks, I'm glad you like it!

Ag said...

I love these photos

Marina said...

ma gli abbinamenti li hai fatti te????


ciao Marina