Wishes ♥

1.Vivienne Westwood owl ring
2.Bridget's back by Christian Louboutin (FW 2010 collection)
3.Alexander McQueen sweater
4.Peonies,peonies and peonies again
5.John Lewis gloves
6.Rosamario precious corset
7.Books, books, books.A mountain of books and time to read them.
8.Proenza Schouler leggings
9.Balmain black dress
10.Shearling faithful booties
11.Postcard clutch
12.The original playbill of The Rear Window

Here my wishes of the day.
Can someone help me?! :)
Have a great, happy and full of love day.

Thanks for reading,
with love.
Sara Ottavia 


ChanelDiva said...

I love the gloves! :)

notsoChiara said...

I want number 1 and time for number 7 too!!