I'm leaving

As you yet know, I'm going to spend some days in the South of Italy with my beloved ones.
I'm going to get a lot of relax and time to thinking and stay with the people I love.
We're gonna have a party at my friends beautiful house for New Year Eve.
My lovely dogs, Smilla and Ucha are coming with us.
I'm glad.
I wont be reachable in no way, I think I'll switch off my Blackberry too, 'cause I just want to knock off totally.
I'll be back here at latest on 3rd of january,
so I wish you a fantastic New Year Eve and a wonderul 2011.

Enjoy yourself and be safe.

With love,
Sara Ottavia 


renerene said...

Have a great time!! Italy is so beautiful place :)) Lovely picture <3


You are welcome to visit my blog too xoxo

sbot said...

So jealous, wow. Enjoy.

Following your blog now, hope youd like to do the same for mine : )



Mari said...

Grazie per essere passata! Anche il nome del tuo blog è carino e originale... e il tuo stile è raffinato, mi piace!

Wanda said...
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Wanda said...

what a wonderful picture :) Italy is really very nice I was there 5 times ;)

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Sounds like you're going to have an amazing time! Happy New Year! I really love your blog's layout by the way! So cute! xooxoxoxo

annierama said...

have a great time in italy!
amazing blog and I love this shot of the suitcases!
happy new year ;)

minnja said...

So beautiful, have great time :))



Arstcrylique said...

Thank you all!