SS 2011 PARIS FASHION WEEK.All best!Part I

Felipe Oliveira Baptista for SS 2011 presents a minimal design, camel and black colors and geometrical cuts that animate the lines.
Felipe Oliveira Baptista presenta per la stagione PE 2011 un design minimale, colori cammello e nero e tagli geometrici che animano le linee.

Dévastée takes on the catwalk maxi tees and swimsuits with a cemeterial but funny printing. 
Black and white rule.
Dévastée porta sulla passerella maxi tees e costumi con un design cimiteriale, ma allegro. 
Il bianco e nero regna.

Metallic warriors for AF Vandevorst, paladines of a self-confident and emancipated femininity.
Guerriere metalliche per AF Vandevorst, paladine di una femminilità sicura ed emancipata.

Balmain, is always more binded to the top Kate Moss and veers notably in a indie punk-rock style. 
Fishnet stockings with holes, spattered tees, leather and studded blazers and disorderly capri pants.

Balmain, sempre più legato alla top Kate Moss, vira notevolmente verso lo stile indie punk-rock. 
Calze a rete bucate, tees macchiate, blazer di pelle con borchie e disordinati capri pants.

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Anonymous said...

i've done a post for PWF and MFW and NYFW :D

Trishna said...

I love your blog. Really when I saw your name on a different blog I was very intrigued and then when I saw your header, I was blown away.

I would love for us to stay in touch via google or bloglovin.

Please let me know how you feel about that.

Love from Toronto, Canada

November Grey said...

You are gorgeous! And have a gorgeous blog! I'm so glad I found you. I'm your newest follower.


November Grey

Arstcrylique said...

@ Trishna: Thank you so much darling, I'm glad to stay in touch with you.

@ November Grey: Too kind sweetie :)