What now I know-after 3 days in New York City

I arrived in New York City on 2nd august by night.
The first impact with the City has been amazing.
So many colors, so many lights. Woaw!

Here's what happened in 3 NYC days.

★ I've eaten a lot of real cupcakes

★ I've been on Central Park while there were a movie set

★I've got a new tattoo, done at Village Pop Tattoo @ Greenwich Village

★I bought some amazing tees at Urban Outfitters shop on Avenue of the Americas

★I became friend of a squirrel in Central Park

★I chatted with some amazing people at Gay & Lesbian community center 

★I've seen the most incredible dogs ever

★I've been at f.a. o Schwarz, the most beautiful toy shop ever, in wich i assisted to a Barbie's fashion show!

★I got lost at Greenwich Village

★I talk with a shop assistant who said me that she's sure that i'll find the job of my dreams once i'll for good move to NYC

★I went across the Brooklyn Bridge

★I totally, once and for all, felt in love with United States


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