New York City around us.Not the usual holyday.

Hi guys!
I'm writing you again from the Big, Awesome, electrifying Apple.
I love this city everyday more and more, 
everyday i find something new, everyday i make a new discovery.
Every area of the City gives you something different.
From the Upper East Side with its museums (on the 5th Ave., the Museum Mile), chic restaurants, haute couture boutiques (above all on 5th Ave. and Madison Ave.), sophisticated women and the funniest dogs ever, 
to Greenwich Village with its sexy shops, little cool cafés and restaurants and strange people everywhere,
from the Queens with the amazing Shea Stadium (Mets' home!) to Rockaway Beach (like Ramones' song!)
to East Village with its tattoo studios (I got tattooed there, at Village Pop Tattoo) and Rooftop clubs,
from Brooklyn to....Brooklyn!
Yes, i felt in love with Brooklyn, well, not with Brooklyn at all.
In Brooklyn there are some areas in wich i thought i was in a gangsta movie, too scaring!
Instead the artist area of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, it's awesome.
It's full of little vintage clothes shops and book shops, small cool cafés and cool people.
In that area, people sell clothes and accessories on the streets, but not like in a usual market, they sell old clothes and accessories that they don't use anymore!
Brooklyn is so alive.
Yesterday, we went there again (we went there for the first time on sunday 8, for Cut Copy free concert).
Well, this time we found a lot of pretty shops, so Brooklyner!
I bought a very nice book in a cool bookshop, that book, My wonderful world of fashion, written by Nina Chakrabarti it's so funny and it gives inspirations, tips and a lot of help to learn how to design clothes and accessories, and the book itself, is a fantastic accessory!
I'd like to talk for hours (pages) about NYC, and i'll do.
Now, there's something that i've absolutely to say.
I'm happy that i'm not acting like a tourist.
I'm happy that i'm not doing the usual NY holyday.
I'm happy that people thinks that i'm a newyorker.
I'm happy that i'm really living the City, like only newyorkers do.

Next things about i'd like to talk:

★Brooklyn vintage shops
★The fascination of Greenwich Village
★Newyorkers' life and style
★The coolest things i did in New York City

Stay tuned!


First day. In front of 92 Y, Lexington Avenue.
Top: H&M
Jeans: Zara
Bag: YSL

Upper East Side funny dogs

On Brooklyn Bridge
Top: H&M
Shorts: Please
Ballet shoes: La pantofola d'oro

Like a baby at Fao Schwartz, the most amazing toy shop ever!

Amazing breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien, on Madison Avenue, in front of our apartment

New York City Cops

Brooklyn, near Prospect Park, on a market day

Outside Cut Copy concert, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Jumpsuit: Oysho
Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters
Rubberband: American Apparell

Our first Manhattan laundry!Yep!

East Hudson Park. Woaw.
Jumpsuit: Kling
Shoes: Zara

At Metropolitan Museum of Art (Met)
Dress: H&M

Sunset on Met rooftop.

Check my New York City looks here, on my LookBook page:

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